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Arsenal v Chelsea – Match Summary

Sunday 26 April 2015 – Arsenal 0 Chelsea 0 Boring, boring Chelsea! We knew we were entering bandit country when we were continually dazzled by the pristine red and white scarves, cheers for the heads up from Driver on the Wing! With no striker in the starting lineup it was left to the ever versatile […]


  • From the official Chelsea FC website - " ...... Further details of the new procedure will be announced when tickets for next season’s Champions League campaign go on sale, including instructions as to how tickets can be collected on production of a passport and the location of the collection point" #
  • Blues United Under Equality Banner - from the official Chelsea FC website here #
  • We would like to thank the club for once again freezing ticket prices for the forthcoming season - and also the good news that concessions will be extended from Under-18s to Under-20s - This is a reflection of the ongoing good work & dialogue between the club, fans forum and various fan groups including the CSG. #
  • The minutes from the second Chelsea FC Fans Forum of 2014 / 15 season, held at Stamford Bridge in the Lord Attenborough Suite before the West Brom game, can be found here Fans Forum Minutes #
  • BECOME A CHELSEA PITCH OWNER - Chelsea Pitch Owners are a unique and important organisation which gives supporters a real voice and stake in their football club. Becoming a Chelsea Pitch Owner is now easier than ever as paying by instalments has been re-introduced. You can still pay for a share outright –or you can use the Pay when you can scheme - This Scheme will continue until you decide to cancel your Standing Order. Each year you will receive a certificate showing the share numbers that have been allocated to you. Should you cease your contributions with a balance of under £100.00, this balance will be returned to you - OR - Fixed Stage Payments (Defined Contributions) Scheme - Having selected the type of share you wish to purchase, you can then select an amount to pay per month, from £25.00 upwards. This monthly amount cannot be altered. When your total payments reach the required amount, you will be sent the share you ordered. You will then responsible for cancelling your Standing Order - If you forget to do this, any excess contributions would be returned to you - In the event that you do fail to make your regular payments, you would be given two months in which to resume your payments, after which you would lose the money already paid. If the amount paid is £100.00 or over, you would be registered with a share - The form can be downloaded here – http://www.chelseafc.com/content/dam/cfc/pdf-word-documents/CPO/CPO%20PBI%20Form%20SA1C.pdf - For more information on the Chelsea Pitch Owners please look at their website here - http://www.chelseafc.com/fans/chelsea-pitch-owners.html #

Welcome to the Chelsea Supporters Group

CSG_10_Years_Under_1The Chelsea Supporters Group has been set up to work on YOUR behalf, so please let us know of any issues, and indeed praises, that you may have with regards to the club.

This year we celebrate our ‘TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY‘ and thank you for your continued support

The CSG will grow stronger as the membership increases – the more members we have, the stronger our voice.

   Further details on CSG Membership can be found by clicking here


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