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Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Man Utd

After many false starts and one of the mildest winters on record, cold weather has finally arrived and on Sunday it will be jolly cold indeed and there will be snow. The snow will start overnight and will settle although, we are told, the snow will be powdery and not good for snowballs nor for building snowmen. There is a danger that the game may be postponed. It is worth checking before you leave home.

The temperature will rise only as high as 3 degrees but with wind chill and a high degree of humidity, it will feel considerably colder.  The wind will come from the south west at around 10mph which is not blizzard conditions but just jolly cold. The cold weather will extend into next week with more snow possible before the away game at Everton.

Sunset is at 4:56pm which means that it will be light until half time although the floodlights will no doubt be needed from the start of the game. If cycling to the game, you will need lights on the way home. Given the snowy conditions, however, cycling may not be the best option.

Warm and waterproof are the two watchwords when it comes to what to wear. Cold feet can be a real nuisance. A trick is a thin pair of socks underneath a thicker woollen pair but don’t wear socks so thick as to be too tight. Restriction of the blood flow will make your feet feel even colder. Boots are sensible. Wellingtons are not warm and will need good socks. If you must wear them, wear them under your trouser leg. DMs are not terribly warm. Timberlands are not terribly nice but when extreme weather occurs, it is sometimes necessary to compromise style for expediency.

A scarf wrapped snugly around the neck and not knotted in a Mancini manner. Not a half and half friendship scarf. Not a snood. A nice cashmere or a simple blue and white. It’s not rocket science.

A hat may be worn but should not restrict the view of those behind you nor have animal ears.

A good jacket or coat over a jumper or similar.

I received considerable criticism for my piece before the Swansea game, not just from the thin skinned of South Wales but also from some of our own. It was one of my milder articles based on my experiences of South Wales and some internet research. I am told I was wrong.

Apparently Swansea is a beautiful place full of culture and prosperity and the most charming and urbane of people.  Who would have thought it?

And so we are visited on Sunday by Man United.

Manc supporters have a reputation for travelling from Surrey and Devon for each home game. Their tendency towards the consumption of prawn sandwiches has been noted by no less a luminary than Ryan Giggs. The atmosphere at Old Trafford is poor. There are too many tourists and too many Jeremy’s.

Their away support is very different.

A concentrated group of fanatics make a huge noise while standing throughout the game. Their away supporters may, as far as I know, come from Surrey or South Korea but they sound, from their comedy northern accents, as if they come from Manchester.

Their away support is, it cannot be denied, very good.

Now, it is not like me to praise another team or its supporters but I do so for a reason. We are becoming what ManU have been for a while. A club with tremendous away support but very quiet at home. This must not happen. It is in our hands. Let’s do something about it and let’s start on Sunday.

ManU games also bring a different type of ManU supporter. Never been to Old Trafford but a business contact has given him a couple of tickets to see ManU play at the Bridge. He turns up with his son all face painted and with his brand new Rooney shirt and comes to sit in the West Lower. It happens. When we played the in the Cup Final I saw a father and his two young kids all decked out with flags and face paint being turned away from the Chelsea end where they had tickets. Some are wiser and do not wear colours.

Instead, they jump up when the Mancs score and do not stay to see the rest of the game as they are manhandled out by the stewards. These are the muppets from Surrey. Let’s show them who we are.

Remember, you are Chelsea and Chelsea is style.

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