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Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v QPR

Queens Park Rangers at home Saturday 1st November 2014 As Chelsea supporters we do not seek to be loved. We do not crave the affection of the supporters of other teams. We rejoice, instead, in the envy that they show towards our success. That is the nature of football support. There was a time, when […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Shrewsbury v Chelsea

Shrewsbury Town away League Cup Tuesday 28th October 7.45pm kick off Although some may point to Robert Clive, the imperial conqueror of India, or Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, as the most famous sons of Shrewsbury, in reality few contest the claim of Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople to that accolade. Although the […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Man Utd v Chelsea

Manchester United away Sunday 26 October 2014 I would like to focus this week on the positive aspect of Manchester and Manchester United supporters. It is all too easy to roll out the cliches about Surrey dwelling glory seeking fans whose emotional attachment to their club is about as strong as their emotional attachment to […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Maribor

 Maribor at home Tuesday 21st October 2014 Slovenia is a beautiful country without many people in it. The total population of the country is just under two million and Maribor is only the nation’s second city. Second cities do not have to be like Birmingham and Maribor is a beautiful place caught on a European […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Crystal Palace at home Saturday 18 October 2014 In a recent survey of many thousands of people around the world, London emerged as the city in which most people wished to live and work. This is entirely understandable. London has everything that a person could want. It is the one truly global city. It is […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Arsenal

Arsenal at home Sunday 5 October 2014 Arsenal supporters are still cheering their first trophy in nine years, won at the end of last season at our second home; Wembley Stadium. Despite this rare and momentary relief, all is not well with our dear friends and neighbours from North London. While Wembley has become our […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Sporting Lisbon v Chelsea

Sporting Lisbon away Tuesday 30 September 2014 Lisbon has been a city of espionage and intrigue, the core of an empire and the site of regicide as well as fermenting three revolutions in a century and being ruled, at various times by Moors, Norwegian Crusaders, the Spanish, the French and a tribe of Alans. Today […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Aston Villa

Aston Villa at home Saturday 27 September 2014 Once again we revert to a 3pm Saturday kick off; a proper time to watch football . A lie in, breakfast, read the papers, maybe a chore or errand and then off to the pub and to the match. A Saturday as Saturdays ought to be. (and, the […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Bolton

Bolton at home (League Cup) Wednesday 24 September 2014 Bolton holds a special place in our memories. Those who were there will never forget that April afternoon in 2005 when Lampard scored twice and the league was ours for the first time in our lives; the first time in 50 years. There were tears, laughter, […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Man City v Chelsea

Manchester City away Sunday 21 September 2014 On 21 September the sun is over the equator and, throughout the world, day and night are of equal length. Equality is not, however, a quality that will be much in evidence on Sunday. While it is fair to say that it is impossible to despise our friends […]

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