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Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Schalke

Schalke at home Wednesday 17 September 2014 Schalke, located as it is in Germany’s industrial North Rhine-Westphalia region, is a former mining town which has produced, like its English, Scottish and Welsh equivalents, the descendants of generations of miners who have no mines to mine. Not content to wallow in the misery of a dearth […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Swansea

Swansea at home Saturday 13 September 2014 Swansea is now alone as the only non English team in the Premier League. Their presence demonstrating once and for all that the use of the TLA (three letter abbreviation) EPL for the Premier League is plain wrong because a) that is not its name, b) it has […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Everton v Chelsea

Everton away Saturday 30 August 2014 The 1960s were a time of change; a time of optimism and hope. The austerity of the post war period was over and, for the first time since the depression of 1929, the economy was on the up and living standards were improving. Harold Wilson brought us the White […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Leicester

Leicester at home Saturday 23 August 2014 Over the past few years, one might be forgiven for forgetting about the East Midlands, that swathe of the north south of Yorkshire and beyond the junction on the M1 where one turns off onto the M6. Other than cup games, our only excursions to the north east […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Burnley v Chelsea

Burnley away Monday 18 August 2014 The new season starts a couple of days late for us this year. We are given the Man City Monday night slot for our trip to Burnley. Or perhaps it is Burnley who have been given the slot and we just happen to be the team that they are […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Cardiff v Chelsea

Cardiff Away Sunday 11 May 2014 And so it is the end of an era for Cardiff, albeit a very short era. As they wave farewell to the Premier League they can look forward to a future jostling Brentford and Fulham and, we hope, QPR, for a place in the play offs or for relegation […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Norwich City

Norwich at home Sunday 3 May 2014 There are too many clichés about Norwich; some sadly true and others rather exaggerated. I will not dwell on them save to say that Norwich is not a place to buy a pair of gloves. It was once a major city, full of power and influence as well […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid at home Wednesday 30 April 2014 Madrid is over. The city which was once the centre of an empire is now a backwater. A city build on the plundered wealth of Central and South America, is bankrupt; indebted and unable to service those debts. Instead of gold ships sailing from Panama, Madrid now […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Liverpool v Chelsea

Liverpool away Sunday 27 April 2014 The press have already awarded Liverpool the league this year; their first for 24 years. While it would be amusing if they were denied it in its eleventh hour, we can only assume that it will happen, much to the glee of the Liverpool supporting pundits who fill our […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Atletico Madrid v Chelsea

Atletico Madrid away Tuesday 22 April. Madrid’s history is neither long nor ancient; certainly not in comparison to many of Europe’s other capitals. No Roman heritage exists and there is no mention of the place at all until around the ninth century. Indeed, it was not until Phillip II, the one who won the silver […]

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