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Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Liverpool

Liverpool at home Tuesday 27 January 2015 League Cup semi final If anyone needs a reason to go to watch live football, it can be encapsulated in one word: pundits. Pundits ruin the enjoyment of football and, worse than that, they give even the least educated the opportunity to regurgitate inane subjective views as though […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Bradford City

Bradford at home Saturday 25 January 2015 FA Cup Bradford is a city of half a million people and not one Pizza Express. Imagine, please, if you can, here in 2015, there are people in our country, half a million of them, without easy access to a Pizza Express. Unless the good people of Bradford […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Liverpool v Chelsea

Liverpool away League Cup Tuesday 20 January 2015 A surfeit of Liverpool matches was always going to be a challenge and made doubly so by this season’s regime of avoiding gratuitous insults. What, I pondered, as the smile on my face after Saturday’s match gently receded, could I possibly write about that I hadn’t already […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Swansea v Chelsea

Swansea City away Saturday 17 January 2015 Swansea is in Wales, a part of England that does not consider itself to be England to the extent that it has invented its own language to use whenever English people visit. Scousers have also tried this but lacked the basic literacy skills to write an entirely new […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Newcastle

Newcastle at home Saturday 10 January 2015 Geordies are a curious bunch. A Marxist analysis of the Geordie psyche would, no doubt, point to them as being victims of a remorseless bourgeoisie; a bourgeoisie that seeks to keep the proletariat in its place; to keep the down trodden under foot. In some places, this is […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Watford

Watford at home FA Cup Third Round Sunday 4 January 2015 It is not a difficult journey from Watford to London for the thousands of yellow and black emblazoned supporters who will take up the opportunity afforded by cheap tickets and travel to a proper football ground. Sadly, their choice of route is restricted, once […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Tottenham v Chelsea

Tottenham away Thursday 1 January 2015 At some time between 1400 and 1440, an anonymous bard sat down and wrote a ballad in Middle English, the English of Chaucer and Mallory, or rather, given the time, something between the two. The ballad was, almost certainly, the result of an oral tradition going back into the […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Southampton v Chelsea

Southampton away Sunday 28 December 2015 The idea of taking a holiday on a cruise ship has never interested me. In America, cruise vacations (as they insist upon calling holidays) are huge business. Americans, typically only take a week off work at a time and are uncertain travellers. On the whole they don’t like foreign […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v West Ham

West Ham at home Friday 26 December 2014 A short walk down Green Street is enough to make one appreciate that, while London as a whole is thriving, poverty and depravation still exist here in vast pockets. The decay and obvious impoverishment of the area demonstrate the desperate straits that those who live in there […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Stoke City v Chelsea

Stoke City away Monday 22 December 2014 The day after the winter solstice is not a good day to travel to outer reaches of northern England for an evening kick off. The sun will barely rise above the horizon so close to the Arctic Circle and will have set many hours before kick off. Visitors […]

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