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Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Swansea v Chelsea

Swansea away Sunday 13 April 2014 Wales is a curious place. It has a population of only three million people; roughly a third or the size of London. Think of cramming together all the Palace, Charlton, Millwall and ManU supporters and the others who live south of the river and you just about have Wales. […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v PSG

Paris Saint Germain at home Tuesday 8 April 2014 I appear to have upset someone with my comments before the away leg of this tie. Unusually, however, the sensitive soul who was upset was not a humourless northern gonk from Birmingham or a sad living-in-a-bedroom-at-his-mum’s QPR internet ultra but a claimed Chelsea supporter. He suggested […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Stoke City

Stoke at home Saturday 5 April 2014 For Stoke supporters, the prospect of a trip to London is a glorious one and there is no more pleasant football related part of London for them to visit than Chelsea. The contrast to their everyday humdrum drab ordinary lives could not be more marked. Although their lives […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for PSG v Chelsea

Paris St Germain away Wednesday 2 April Paris in the spring-time but there will be little romance. Paris was once a great city, the centre of a French empire and one of the richest and most important cities anywhere on earth. It is, no longer. Paris is a city that luxuriates in its past glories; […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Crystal Palace away Saturday 29 March 2014 There is something very mundane about the area of south London that houses Crystal Palace Football Club. There is something even more mundane about their supporters. Palace supporters are the type of people of whom their neighbours are prone to say “He kept himself to himself; he was […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Arsenal

Arsenal at home Saturday 22 March 2014 Saturday should be, in terms of away support, an altogether quieter affair that Tuesday. That the game will start and finish in daylight means that Arsenal supporters will not have to try to recreate the atmosphere of a Barry Manilow concert with the lights on their mobile phones. […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Galatasaray

Galatasaray at home Tuesday 18 March 2014 What is there left to say about Galatasaray and their supporters? Some will fly in from Istanbul, loaded to the gills with flares and scarves and hoping that their orchestra leaders have made the EasyJet flight to Stanstead. Galatasaray, being the eastern darlings of UEFA, are of course […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Aston Villa v Chelsea

Aston Villa away Saturday 15 March 2014 The owner of Aston Villa also owns the Cleveland Browns, an NFL team based, unsurprisingly in Cleveland Ohio. Cleveland has the reputation for being the dullest place in America and so Aston Villa is a very good and synergetic fit. The similarities do not end there. Despite promising […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Chelsea v Tottenham

Tottenham at home Saturday 8 March 2014 It has now been announced that FIFA, in an unusual act of commonsense and generosity, are to save us considerable embarrassment this summer and have banned musical instruments from the World Cup and with them the England Band. So Brazil’s winter will not be lit up with constant […]

Driver on the Wing’s Weather for Fulham v Chelsea

Fulham away Saturday 1 March 2014 It is with a little sadness that I begin this weather report for the Fulham match as this is, almost certainly, the last I will write about Fulham for quite a while. Next season Fulham can go back to hating Brentford and we can continue to despise Barcelona. Balance […]

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