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Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester City

Sexpest Goes to Leicester Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0 – Sunday 12th May 2019 15:00 This is a big deal. Regulars will remember that not only is Sexpest really old. (You might recall the virginity story about the woman born in the reign of Queen Victoria, or the accidental Facebook spamming that made him look […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Leicester City

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2 (Finally) – FA Cup Quarter Final – Sunday 18th March 2018 16:30 In the News: UEFA are morons. This is arguably not news. They’ve charged Besiktas with insufficient organisation because a ginger cat ran on the pitch during the Bayern game. My kitten Bertie gets […]

Leicester City v Chelsea – Match Summary

Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3 – Saturday 14 January 2017 I always enjoy the trip to Leicester, it’s not too far away and for the past couple of seasons I’ve enjoyed the aural delights of the ‘disco car’ and the culinary delights of a local curry house. And ever hopeful of all 3 points, it […]

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