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Become A Chelsea Pitch Owner

BECOME A CHELSEA PITCH OWNER – Chelsea Pitch Owners are a unique and important organisation which gives supporters a real voice and stake in their football club. Becoming a Chelsea Pitch Owner is now easier than ever as paying by instalments has been re-introduced. You can still pay for a share outright –or you can […]

CPO – Planning For The Future

Chelsea Football Club has written to shareholders of Chelsea Pitch Owners PLC (CPO) with a proposal for the club to acquire the freehold of the land on which the stadium at Stamford Bridge is built, and with an invitation to attend a general meeting of CPO.  The proposal can be found on the official site […]

Chelsea CPO Shares – Some Issues To Address

A supporters view on yesterday’s Pitch Owners statement…… ……After Chelsea’s surprise announcement about the CPO yesterday, I have jotted down a few bullet points as issues have occurred to me.  This isn’t exhaustive but may provide food for thought and kick off further ideas in others. The Proposal Itself •  Where is the proof that […]

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