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Girl Who Likes Balls – Tottenham

Come and Get It Sp*rs 1 Chelsea 0 – Carabao Cup Semi-Final – Tuesday 8th January 2019 20:00 In the News: Sheffield Wednesday or Luton for us in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup. Klopp is blaming the wind for the Red Scouse’s hilarious early exit. I blame the fact that you didn’t give […]

Tottenham Away – Carabao Cup Semi Final – Wembley

Following a meeting between the police, Chelsea Football Club, Tottenham Football Club and supporters groups from both sides the following advice has been agreed. The stadium will open its doors at 6.30pm and Chelsea fans will enter via Entrance C (9 turnstiles). Supporters are being asked to get to the ground early as there will […]

Tottenham In The Semi Final

From the official Chelsea FC website: “We will play Tottenham in the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup with the first leg to be played away from home. Following our victory over Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge, the Blues advanced into the last four and were picked out of the hat second, so meet the side who […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Tottenham

Sp*rs 1 – Chelsea 2 Sunday 20th August 2017 16:00 Our Game: If you were of a dramatic nature you could have flung yourself on the tracks at Baker Street today rather that face the match. Eleven days to save Conte, says one rag; doom, more doom. It was like a Thomas Hardy novel, or […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Tottenham Hotspur

Where’s Your Ginger Gone? Chelsea 4 Sp*rs 2 – FA Cup Semi Final, Saturday 22nd April 2017 17:30 Actual quote from me today at The Green Man: “I’m really sorry I threw that celery in your face, but I got extra points because you are a ginger.”In the News/The Others: F*ck ‘em. Nothing this week, apart […]

Tottenham In The Semi Final

From the official Chelsea FC website: “The draw for the FA Cup semi-finals has been made, with the Blues set to face Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley. The teams last met at the semi-final stage in 2012 when we produced a brilliant display to win 5-1, before going on to beat Liverpool in the final. We […]

Chelsea v Tottenham – Match Summary

Chelsea 2 Spurs 1 – Saturday 26 November 2016 Always a stand out fixture, and following last season’s title ending shenanigans, it seemed we were playing for more than just the 3 points on offer today, our visitors hoping to end their miserable record at fortress Stamford Bridge. With the lights dimmed and a laser […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Tottenham

Game 13: Chelsea 2 Rottenham Effin’ Hotspur 1 – Saturday 26th October 2016 17:30Sp*rs prove for the second time in a week that they’ve got all the backbone of a jellyfish that’s downed half a bottle of absinth on an empty stomach. Hurrah. The Others: At the top end, Coutinho got stretchered off with his foot on […]

Girl Who Likes Balls – Tottenham Preview

It’s been a busy week. Apparently some bloke without a forehead has retired, giving the press plebs a license to run riot in eulogising someone who has won the league precisely as many times as I have. I’m sure the red TV mafia will snap him up, got to keep that quota of 50% Scouse on […]

Chelsea v Spurs – Match Summary

Monday 2 May 2016 – Chelsea 2 Spurs 2 Here we were, a pleasant May Day bank holiday and the culmination of our miserable season had boiled down to this one fixture, a game against our fiercest London rivals, a fixture and a team that fires the passions of Chelsea fans more than any other, […]

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